All of the mattress brands and companies listed on this site offer a free mattress trial period so you can test out the mattress with no commitment to keep it if you don’t truly like it.

You will still have to pay for the mattress when you order, unless you choose a payment option to buy now, pay later (which we recommend) and you will receive the mattress at your chosen address with free delivery. You then have a specific amount of time to you decide the mattress is right for you or not after sleeping on it. Most of the mattress brands will refund your money with no questions asked if you decide to return it and provide free return shipping. Some companies may even arrange for a charity to pick up the mattress since they can’t resell a used mattress so they simply donate it.

The average free trial time period is 100 to 120 nights, but some mattress brands offer a whole year trial – that’s 365 nights! If you did every free mattress trial listed below, you would not need to pay for a mattress for several years!

Mattress BrandFree Trial Period
Allswell100 Nights
Amerisleep100 Nights
Amore Beds100 Nights
Aslan365 Nights
Avocado365 Nights
Awara365 Nights
Bear365 Nights
BedInABox120 Nights
Big Bedding90 Nights
Big Fig Mattress120 Nights
Birch by Helix100 Nights
Brentwood Home365 Nights
Brooklyn Bedding120 Nights
Casper100 Nights
Cocoon by Sealy100 Nights
Diamond Mattress120 Nights
DreamCloud365 Nights
Dreamfoam120 Nights
Early Bird180 Nights
Eco Terra90 Nights
Ecosa100 Nights
EcoSleep120 Nights
Eight Sleep100 Nights
Emma100 Nights
Eve Sleep UK365 Nights
GhostBed101 Nights
Happsy120 Nights
Helix100 Nights
Hope Mattress120 Nights
HSN30 Nights
Hyphen100 Nights
I Love Pillow100 Nights
Intellibed90 Nights
Keetsa90 Nights
Latex For Less120 Nights
Latex Mattress Factory30 Nights
Layla120 Nights
Leesa100 Nights
Lifekind90 Nights
Live and Sleep30 Nights
Luxi100 Nights
Mattress Firm120 Nights
Mattress Insider121 Nights
Mend Sleep180 days
Molecule365 Nights
Natural Form100 Nights
Nature's Sleep101 Nights
Naturepedic90 Nights
Nectar365 Nights
Nest Bedding365 Nights
Nolah120 Nights
Novosbed120 Nights
Nuvanna100 Nights
OkiOki365 Nights
Plank Mattress120 Nights
Plush Beds100 Nights
Plush Beds100 Nights
Puffy101 Nights
Purple100 Nights
QVC30 Nights
Real Bed100 Nights
Saatva180 Nights
Sleep Envie100 Nights
SleepEZ90 Nights
SleepOvation100 Nights
Spindle365 Nights
Subrtex365 Nights
Sweet Night100 Nights
Tempur-Pedic90 Nights
US-Mattress120 Nights
Wayfair100 Nights
White Lotus Home120 Nights
WinkBeds120 Nights
Yaasta100 Nights
Zinus100 Nights
Zoma100 Nights
Zotto100 Nights
Total # of Free Nights11389
This Equals To31.2 years