6 Reasons To Buy Your Next Mattress Online

Not only will you want to buy your next mattress online after reading these six reasons, we’ve compiled a comparison of online mattress companies so that you can find the best mattress for your body and your budget!

6 Reasons To Buy Your Next Mattress Online

1. Less Expensive

You can buy mattresses online cheaper than in-store because you cut out the middleman. Stores that sell mattresses have to pay the salespeople and overhead. Buying discount mattresses online saves you lots of your hard earned money.

2. Free Shipping

Having mattresses delivered right to your door for free saves time and money. If you don’t own a pickup to haul your new mattresses home, you’ll need to borrow from a friend or pay for delivery. Every online company that we recommend (keep reading for chart) offers free shipping

3. Free Trial Offers

Since you can’t test out the mattresses by laying on them in the store, online mattress companies let you test them out in your home for a free trial period (and actually sleeping on the mattress is the best test). If you decide you don’t like the mattress, you can return it with no questions asked for a refund. Most companies even offer free return shipping.

Nectar Mattress offer a 365 day free trial offer (see our review here). That’s a whole year of sleeping and “testing” out their mattress. If you did every free trial offer that every mattress company offered (see list below), you’d probably never have to actually pay for a new mattress again!

4. Payment Plans

Many mattress companies offer deferred billing options so you can buy mattresses now, pay later. Our detailed list of mattress companies below spells out which payment plan method they use. Most of the stores accept Affirm and you can see how much your payment will be before ordering. Special financing options are available with no interest and no credit checks.

5. Extended Warranties

Most mattresses come with a 10, 15 or 20 year warranty, but some even come with lifetime warranties, such as Puffy and Layla Sleep (see our review here).

6. Just Fun

To ship mattresses, they compress and roll pack your mattress. Unboxing your new mattress is a fun process of watching your mattress come to life!

6 Reasons To Buy Your Next Mattress Online