How To Create An Army Themed Bedroom

One way to show your support for the troops is by creating an army-themed bedroom. This can be a fun and unique way to show your patriotism. There are many different ways that you can go about creating this type of bedroom. Below are some tips on how to create an army-themed bedroom.

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Paint the room

For less than $100, create a free-form camouflaged look using three shades of paint in these palettes:

  • tan/olive/brown
  • blue/silver/white
  • pink/gray/lavender

Don’t overdo it. Every wall painted in camouflage – even if the shades are soothing – can become an optical nightmare. Instead, paint either one or three walls in camouflage colors and use a solid color from your mix for the other(s).

Discover military wallpaper

Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop technology, you can add a full-wall mural of diving fighter planes, tanks in the desert, paratroopers dropping from the sky, or a fleet full of naval ships to one wall and paint the others in a solid color that complements the hues in the mural. Look for sales on wallpaper websites to find a design that’s 12-feet long and 8-feet high for under $90.

Add window dressing

If you haven’t already flooded the room in camouflage, use camouflage fabric to dress the windows in your bedroom or browse military salvage stores for parachutes or netting. Turn any of these fabrics into a style that works best for the room and your sewing skills: simple pleated panels, tab-top curtains, or a valance. Use your imagination when picking curtain rods. Two long plastic toy rifles mounted above the window make interesting rods. Browse dollar stores to see what can be converted from toy to utilitarian decor.


Peruse high-end furniture stores and you’ll find all manner of military-themed bedroom suites with prices in the stratosphere, but you’re on a budget so head for resale shops to find gently worn recyclables in need of your clever touch. Strip down a grungy headboard, repaint and trim it with gold military stripes. An old trunk for storage goes from dilapidated to trendy after re-painting and covering with scrapbooking paper snippets painted to look like stamps or postcards from around the world. A 55-gallon metal drum becomes a hamper. You get the drill, right?

Choose furniture that has an army theme. For example, you could get a bed frame that looks like a bunk bed in an army barracks. Or you could get a dresser that has a camouflage design.

Hang army posters on the walls. You can find these at your local army surplus store or online.

Display items that have an army theme. This could include things like model soldiers, flags, and other patriotic memorabilia.

Add some final touches: Use army blankets and pillows to add more of a military feel to the room. You can also use green plants to create a forest feel.

Look Up

Small rooms welcome big ideas, so even if the room’s only 10-feet by 9-feet, include the ceiling in your decorating scheme. Fishing line, cut into sections and nailed to the ceiling, is a cheap way to hang and display planes, tanks, and other artifacts. Paint the ceiling blue, use rags to create clouds, and then hang that aircraft for more drama. Alternately, stretch lengths of camouflage netting across the entire ceiling (cut a hole for the light fixture!) and then rehabilitate an old ceiling fan/light fixture by painting each paddle a different camouflage color.

Encourage tidiness

Soon as a recruit joins any branch of the service, he’s told to keep his quarters neat and tidy. Learn this important lesson by installing shelving – as much as the room can accommodate. Personalize the shelves, cubbyholes, or sections.


Creating an army-themed bedroom can be a fun and unique way to show your support for the troops. There are many different ways that you can go about creating this type of bedroom. Use the tips above to help you get started.