How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Fall

Everyone wants a cozy bedroom but especially in autumn when the weather starts to become cooler, the days are shorter and thoughts of crackling fires, hot soup and woolen sweaters cross our minds.

One of the main ways to introduce autumn’s coziness to your bedroom space is from the use of texture, color and fabric. Remove the cotton spreads and filmy linen curtains from your windows and replace them with a heavier drapery. Brushed velvet, flannel, corduroy, synthetic suede, heavy sail cloth, and lined cotton are just some of the heavier fabrics that will add coziness to your bedroom and keep out the cold too.

Rather than the whites, creams, ecrus and tans you’ve used for summer decorating, now choose drapes in rich jewel colors, deep earthy colors or any color you see on the fall leaves in your backyard.

Switch out your white-lace bed skirt for a deep colored bed skirt that complements your coverlet or bedspread. Do the same with pillow shams or Euro shams, removing the whites and creams and introducing warm, darker colors. Bedspreads, coverlets and quilts can be switched out or enclosed in a new duvet cover of darker colors and heavier fabric.

Linens like sheets and pillowcases are fine in their pristine whiteness, but other than sheets and pillowcases, white is best replaced with a darker color.

Think afghans or bed throws, cable knits or stripes, granny squares or patchwork quilts in deep colors. Place one casually on the bed or over the back of a chair. Fold two or three and stack them on the top of an armoire to ramp up the cozy, warm feeling you want for your bedroom space, and to have them nearby for a night when an extra blanket is needed on your bed.

Switch out artwork from light summery prints and paintings to ones more fitting with fall and the new deeper colors you’ve introduced to the room. Layer throw rugs over carpeting or use more throw rugs on your hardwood floors to keep your toes warm in the morning when you get up from bed and to reflect the changing of the seasons and the need for more warmth.

A basket with dried hydrangeas or a collection of gourds can be displayed on bookshelves or night tables along with a series of candles that add romance and warmth on cold, damp fall days.

When you walk in your bedroom and feel warm and cozy you will have captured the fall mood you want for your space.