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Helix Sleep is a privately held mattress platform that sells individually personalized, custom-made mattresses located in New York City. The company was founded by Kristian Von Rickenbach, Jerry Lin, and Adam Tishman with a goal to provide hybrid mattresses to suit partners with different sleep preferences. Helix has implemented a sleeping quiz so consumers can determine what kind of mattress they need.


The company is currently offering flexible payment plans through partnering with Klarna. Thus, consumers can take advantage of monthly financing starting at 0% APR on $499-$10,000 orders or pay in 4 interest-free installments using their credit or debit cards for $10-$3500 orders. On the other hand, people with low credit scores or no credit can choose Katapult as an alternative financing option.

Our mattresses have been independently reviewed against hundreds of competitors. Time and time again we come out on top. Personalized sleep truly is better sleep.