Small Bedroom Organization Tips

Organization is sometimes difficult, the smaller the space the more difficult it seems to become. When it comes to organizing a small bedroom you have to remember that space is limited which means you might have to get a bit creative. There are some things that you can do to get the room organized without having to get rid of everything. It is easier to organize a small bedroom when you start with an empty bedroom, however.


The smaller the bedroom the less furniture you’ll be able to fit and still walk around in it. Choosing the furniture should be done rather carefully. If you can eliminate the need for a stand-alone dresser you’ll have more room. There are bed frames designed to double as dressers, the drawers are below the mattress. It might not be the most ideal situation for everyone but it’ll allow a place to store clothing with an additional piece of furniture in the room.

If you have additional furniture such as a chair and ottoman in the room you can make them useful in the organization as well. It’s easy to find ottomans that open up to allow for storage, when you get through you just have to remember to put things back into it.

Closet space

Even the smallest of bedrooms usually has a closet that you can use to aid in the organizational efforts. Keeping most of your clothing in the closet and looking into storage options to maximize that space will keep you from having too many things in the bedroom itself. When you leave your shoes, clothing, and the things that you don’t use every day in the closet you reduce the amount of clutter in the bedroom. Reducing clutter aids in organization.


The doors are often overlooked in the organization of the small bedroom. Actually, they’re overlooked in almost every room in the house. In the average bedroom, you have the inside of the bedroom door along with the inside and outside of the closet door. If you need to have a place to put those things you have to grab them on your way out of the room every day there are a variety of storage devices designed to hang on doors. You can place divided storage options on the doors. A calendar can be placed on the closet door to keep up with your schedule.

Hanging Storage

If the small bedroom is overrun with stuffed animals there are a variety of nets that can hang from the corners. These nets can be used to get a variety of items out of the way.

Organizing a small bedroom means that you must carefully choose the furniture and take advantage of the space to the best of your ability. When you make it a point to put things away when you’re done with them you’ll be preventing clutter. This prevention will assist you in keeping your organizational efforts intact.