How To Buy The Perfect Headboard For Your Bed

Choosing headboards for beds is a little tricky since there are many different sizes and styles to choose from. A headboard adds a bit of style to a bedroom. Fancy designer headboards can turn a bed into a fancy piece of furniture. Headboards are interchangeable and allow a custom fit to your bed frame if you’re not buying an entire set altogether.

Measure for Your New Headboard

If you’re buying an entire set you don’t need to measure anything. You will need to measure accordingly if you’re buying a headboard to fit your existing bed. Take accurate measurements of your existing bed frame, including the height and the width.

Measuring the frame ensures a proper fit. The headboards for beds rest vertically against the wall, so measure from the top of the frame to the maximum height you want. If the headboard is too high it could become wobbly and unstable.

Measure from the top of the mattress. This way you have an idea of the size to purchase when you begin shopping on the Internet. In addition to measuring, consider the bolts and attachments for assembly. If you’re purchasing the items separately, make sure the parts are compatible with the new headboard.

Solid Wood Headboards for Beds

Bedroom furniture stores sell headboards made from oak, ash, beech, and maple. Depending on your style, you can find everything from a natural finish to a stained cherry finish for a darker appearance. Solid wood headboards cost a lot of money but look very nice in a bedroom.

Styles and Material of Headboards

Headboards for beds come in leather, solid wood, upholstered fabric, metal, and suede. Fabric comes in pattern or button style. If you have the space and money, you can buy one with shelving or drawers. Shelving allows storage for books and placement for a small lamp for night reading. Some headboards will even have some small electrical units built in for USB phone cords or lighting.

The styles range from the wooden country appearance to the beds with metal for a modern look. Wrought iron headboards take up less space, but provide fewer features, such as shelving. Leather looks classy and comes in a padded style with many color choices.

Metal beds consist of powder-coated steel and most are built to last. Metal bed construction is sturdy and comes in copper and bronze if you don’t like the black appearance.

Buying Headboards for Beds Online

If you place your order through an online bedroom furniture store, the supplier will need the exact measurements of your existing bed, unless you’re buying a brand new all-in-one set. If you’re buying your headboard separately, make sure you provide the supplier with accurate measurements.

Purchasing headboards for beds online is a good way to find a nice deal. If you’re looking to buy a headboard for your kid’s room, you might want to visit online stores specializing in the sale of cheap bedroom furniture.

Stores selling cheap bedroom furniture sell kids headboards between $50 – $100, depending on the material and the size needed. Leather and wood are usually the most expensive. High-end leather headboards can cost as much as $1,000. You can save money by purchasing an all-in-one set instead of buying each piece separately.

Consider the reputation of the vendor before placing your order. Read customer reviews to find out the overall level of customer service. Find bedding stores offering free delivery, or a special bedroom furniture sale. If you’re in the market to buy more than a headboard, you might also consider comparing store prices for cheap mattresses, footboards, and bed frames.