How To Decorate A Teen Bedroom

Teen years are a time in life when moods shift on a daily basis. A teenager’s room has to be flexible enough to match each changing wave. Here are a few design ideas that can help create a living space for a teenager.

Avoid Specific Themes

Specific themed décors are not a good idea for teenagers since they tend to change their preferences quickly. For example, instead of decorating a room based on baseball, it would be wiser to make it a more general sporty look that way when baseball makes way for soccer, the room will adapt.


Let the walls be a canvas to be jazzed up according to the theme of the month or week. Use neutral creams and browns. Then accessorize with colorful sheets, throw pillow, rugs, and curtains.


The furniture has to be light and practical. A teenager needs space to study and keep his/her books as well as loads of space for CDs and clothes and a nook to entertain friends.

Choose furniture that can be easily moved around. Modular furniture is a great idea since it is not theme-specific and can be easily extended or stacked according to changing needs.

Hooks on the walls can be one of the essentials in a teenage room. They are useful to hang stuff and so act as an extension to the wardrobes. Add a clipboard for photos and memorabilia.


A teenager would enjoy mood lighting. Rope lights in the false ceiling, multi-colored motion lights, and plasma lamps can help change the look of the room for different activities. But these lights should be supported by task lighting for the study areas.

Leave it to the Teenager

A bedroom is an important place for a teenager, a private sanctuary to escape from the world. It should reflect his/her mood and interests, so it is best to leave the decorating to the resident.

Give the room a general look and leave lots of scope for creativity.

As mentioned before, keep the walls a neutral color that can then be filled with posters, artwork, or team banners. Let the teen choose sheets, curtains, pillows, and accessories.

The key to a teen bedroom is flexibility. During the teen years, interests are short-lived, and room needs to be adaptable enough to reflect the changing views. A bedroom can be a safe ground for the teen to explore his world. By allowing freedom, a parent can encourage creative expression and bolster self-confidence.