How To Create A Beach Theme Bedroom

Beach theme bedrooms can be created by using a variety of different colors, textures, and patterns. The most popular colors for beach-themed bedrooms are blue, green, and white. These colors can be combined to create a variety of different looks.

Textures such as sand, shells, and sea glass can also be used to create a beach theme. Patterns such as starfish, seahorses, and dolphins are also popular choices.

To complete the look of your beach-themed bedroom, consider adding some nautical accessories. Anchors, life preservers, and ship wheels are all great choices. You can even find bedding sets that feature these items.

With a little bit of creativity, you can easily create a beach theme bedroom that you and your family will love.

Nothing is more restful than the calming colors, sounds, and smells of the sea. Think whites, beiges, pale blues, and sea foam green. This color combination will provide the perfect palette for a Hawaiian beach-inspired bedroom. Start by painting your room in one or two of these beach colors. If your walls are already white or beige, you may want to leave them as they are and just paint one contrast wall in another hue. Try the wall behind your bed to add a bold focal point to the setting.

Whitewash any dark furniture, or replace smaller pieces with lighter, whiter woods such as bamboo or wicker. The key here is to go for a more whitewashed monochromatic look in the furniture pieces and let your colors speak softly from the bedding and curtains. Give your furniture a sea weathered look by roughing off the edges of each painted piece with a little fine sandpaper.

For the bed, choose very soft cotton fabrics. Look for the best bargains on high-quality Egyptian cotton in white, cream, or a very pale shade of blue, the creamy luxury is worth the extra expense. Now for drama, add a comforter or duvet cover with soft blues, turquoise, or sea foam green. Layering these calm colors on your bed will create an oasis of relaxation.

Continue the layering process with some great throw pillows and shams in these same subtle hues. Toss on a splash of coral or pale pink in a pillow or throw to bring the aura of the sunset to the whole scheme. Hang light and airy sheer curtains from natural rods. For an interesting effect, hang a combination of colors of sheer panels such as whites, coral, and turquoise.

Now that you have set the mood with your fabrics you can use the same palette in selecting artwork and wall hangings. Or perhaps you have some of your own favorite beach photographs you could enlarge and frame. Again, keep any wooden frames in the same whitewashed or driftwood look. Add a few natural woven baskets full of beautiful seashells and some large candles in hurricane lamps. If you really want to go for the beach shack look, there are natural grass bed skirts now available online at Bungalow Beach Designs. While you’re on this site also check out their faux Capiz shell beaded curtain, it’s stunning when the light hits it and it would make a nice divider between your master bath and bedroom.

Hanging a mosquito net canopy over the bed will bring a romantic and windswept look. And if you are feeling creative, try your hand at sewing or hot gluing seashells around the top or hang a seashell wind chime from the center of the canopy. There are some beautiful mosquito nets available at Shop Wild Things with satin borders.

As long as you remember to keep it soft, white, and subtle you won’t fail to bring that calming romance of the sea to your boudoir. Re-creating this atmosphere at home requires a little sophisticated restraint or you may end up with an over-the-top “theme” room which you will probably tire of quickly.