How To Decorate A Bedroom In A Vintage Western Theme

The main colors you’ll want to use for a vintage western-themed bedroom are brown, tan, and white. You can add in other colors as well, but those will be the base of your color scheme. For furniture, think about using an old wooden bed frame and dresser. If you can’t find anything like that, look for furniture with a lot of intricate carving or metal details. For bedding, go for something simple in a solid color. A quilt or comforter with a western design would also be perfect. As far as wall decor goes, hanging some antique spurs or cowboy hats would be great. You could also put up some old Western-themed posters or paintings. For finishing touches, add in some rustic metal lamps and some Western-themed knick-knacks.

Screen legends such as John “the Duke” Wayne and Roy Rogers dazzled many audiences throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. During that time, many pieces of Old West memorabilia were created for collectors and fans alike around the world. Most items can still be found today, with a bit of searching in antique shops and websites like eBay. Here are four ways to decorate with vintage Western movie memorabilia.

Vintage Posters

Vintage western movie posters and reproductions are readily available at most poster shops or online. Framing one of these movie posters and hanging it in your space, is the easiest way to add a bit of “Hollywood Old West” charm to a room. From movies like “McClintock” and “Rio Bravo” to other less-known classics, there are many vintage movie posters that would look excellent in a living room space, bedroom, media room, or home office.

Vintage Tin Lunch Boxes

Vintage tin lunch boxes were a promotional tool that many filmmakers of the time used to promote their western flicks and television shows. From boxes depicting the Duke to the Lone Ranger, many are still available in good condition. Use these vintage tin lunch boxes as shelving book ends, storage for small papers, craft supply storage, and more in your home office. Or, add a bit of potting soil and use it as a whimsical tabletop indoor planter idea.

Vintage Toys

Another great marketing tool used by filmmakers was the start of the first promotional movie toys. These can generally be found in collector’s shops, and look great when poised on a wall or a shelf. This item may appear cluttered if it does not have something to tie in to, thus it is suggested that a vintage western toy be paired with vintage posters for a more organized and theme appearance.

Movie Set Items

What would vintage western movie memorabilia be without a bit of actual movie set items? A rhinestone shirt worn by Will Rogers, a saddle used by John Wayne. This can even be smaller scale items, such as vintage western movie scripts. Anything paper, a photograph, or an autograph can be put in a nice, plain frame and hung on a wall.

Clothing can be either framed or put on a mannequin. And saddles look excellent on a rack and make a wonderful focal piece for your room. Old movie sets (such as Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona) generally have a few pieces that can be purchased for relatively inexpensive. Or, consider looking online.