How To Create A Retro Themed Bedroom

Do you constantly feel like avocado green is calling your name? Is chrome your secret love? Well, you’re in luck because a funky retro design may be the best choice for you.

Color Palette of Retro Design

When it comes to the 1960s and 1970s, it’s all about greens, yellows, black, white, and reds. Avocado green is perhaps the most famous of the retro color palette – and it’s easy to see why. Other colors such as mustard yellow or burnt orange also make great choices. If you’re looking to go even further back, like say to the 1950s, then white, black and red are the perfect colors for you.

You can also add colors such as blue or bright yellow or lime green if you’re looking to add a punch.

Retro Furniture

Furniture of the retro design period tends to be quite a bit more abstract than any modern or contemporary style. When you’re looking for sofas, look for longer and wider styles. Each piece of your furniture should be its own focal point.

It’s very common for retro living rooms to have a wet bar. So if you’re going for the black, white, and red look – go for polished bright red vinyl items with chrome.

Remember those egg-shaped chairs that hung from the ceiling? Now’s the time to add one to your decor! If you’re not keen on hanging furniture, try one of those artsy hand-shaped chairs. They’ll be a great conversation piece and they’re very retro.

Retro Design and Decor

Furniture should be adorned with brightly colored pillows and throws. Crushed velvet was a very popular fabric during this time period, so be on the lookout for that! During this style period, people wanted their living spaces to draw attention. They wanted lively and colorful pieces that looked great and were comfortable all at once.

You can also adorn your floors with lush shag carpeting. If you can’t afford to replace your carpet, you can easily find retro shag carpets online or in local home decor stores.

Door beads were also very popular during this time period, and today there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo beads. They’ll look great, match your decor, and they’re kinder to the environment than their plastic, shiny counterparts (all though those will look great too!) Plus, you can paint the bamboo any color and finish it with a shiny coat of sealant for protection.

Choosing art pieces can be a little tricky. When searching for pieces to suit your retro decor – look for the bold and the beautiful. Pick out statues and paintings that accent your chosen colors as well as use a lot of geometric shapes and styles.

Lamps were frequently square-shaped. They were also adorned with various tassels. You may have a bit more difficulty when it comes to finding the right look for your lamps, so this is a great do-it-yourself project. Find a lampshade that’s plain and shaped to your chosen style (again, the square was very popular!) as well as a base to match.

Look for a base that is preferably a paintable plastic or ceramic in a rounded or squared shape. You can find ceramic paints to match your decor as well as adhesive fabrics to cover the shade – just ask anyone at your local crafts store for more details on what fabrics are available. You can also pick and choose your own tassels or trim and hot glue it along the edges for a unique look that’s all your own.

When it comes to retro design, the goal is to have fun. Retro is all about being funky and bold – and most importantly, enjoying yourself.